“How can I place a custom order?”

“How long does it take for the order to proceed”

  • Usually, it takes about a week to design and print an order + shipping handling and delivery time. Roughly, about a month. Everything is individual and depends on the season, your custom request and shipping option which you choose.

“Do you make the items yourself?”

  • Yes. I have 4 3d printers, a painting and finishing table where all of the miracles happen.

“Can I change the color of the item?”

  • Yes, you can. Just contact me directly.

“What happens after I place an order and transfer you money?”

  • I receive the notification. You receive your order confirmation email and receipt. Depending on my workload, it’ll take up to a week for the items to be printed.
  • If you choose DIY kit, I ship it immediately. If you choose the fully painted option, I will proceed with painting, drying and finishing.
  • Then, I order a shipping label according to your specified shipping method, pack it and handle the box to the carrier.

“What if I change my mind after placing the order?”

  • If you change your mind and what to stop the process, contact me immediately before I ship the order!
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